Are Backpacks Attacking Your Back?

It’s pretty common for students of all ages, sizes and shapes to use backpacks to carry their books, lunches, laptops and whatever else they can squeeze in them. They are very convenient and give both of your hands freedom to do whatever you want. But, is it worth it? Research shows that backpacks may actually be harming you, due to improper usage, over packing and choosing the wrong kind. There are things you should take into consideration before choosing a backpack that will help you avoid causing any back pain, such as padding on the back of the backpack, chest or waist belts, and backpacks with pockets on both sides. Read on to learn about statistics, how to avoid back pain and remedies for it, and the benefits of wearing a backpack correctly.

backpacks infographic
[Via: Carrington College’s Massage Therapy Classes]

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