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Monthly Archives: February 2012

We all shop online nowadays, but what are we buying and how much are we spending? is one of the UK’s biggest home shopping retailers and their brilliant infographic below tells you everything you ever wanted to know about online shopping. There has been a 433% increase in shoppers using online channels since 2001 and this number is set to carry increasing, with mobile soon to equal traditional desktop browsing, so get your coffee and take in some amazing stats from, the best […]

It’s no secret that raising a child is expensive. Now, there’s government data that tells us just how expensive — in striking detail. In this Columnfivemedia partnership withCredit Sesame, Columnfivemedia break down the cost of moving to a house with one additional bedroom (even including the added cost of utilities for that bedroom) by region and income level, along with many other interesting details.  

For the cash-strapped filmmaker who has the ambitious vision but lacks a Hollywood budget, Columnfivemedia created this infographic with Wistia to illustrate a handy guide to do-it-yourself production equipment and tools.  

Record numbers of Americans support legalizing marijuana, and a growing number of states now allow using pot for medical purposes. ColumnfiveMedia created this infographic with GOOD to see where the American public weighs in on the issue, and what that means for future legislation.

Historically, most technology was created to serve one purpose: increase productivity. Socialcast created this infographic to show how the most commercially successful products on the market are those that are designed around how people naturally do things, and the user experience is more important than ever. Via:- Columnfivemedia  

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