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April Fool’s Day is the time of the year, people take delight in plotting and planning to fool each other. Individuals get to show their naughty side on this day and unleash their pranks on unsuspecting victims. A dash of fun is a welcome relief for everyone. Its time to break the monotony of regular life and laugh it off. Pranks played by people can be simple ones to very elaborate. The objective of a prank is not just making a fool of someone, but […]

Talking about the year 2014, the first thing which most people would think is about the elections which were held in country at national level and state level.This elections not only witnessed the highest people participation but also it changed the dynamics of the political parties campaigning for itself. The nation as a whole has taken a huge leap towards the online world and has taken the social media websites viz Facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp as their main weapons in the election war. With traditional ways of advertisements […]

It’s time for the best against the best. After Australia’s six-wicket victory over Pakistan in the quarterfinal, they’ve booked a berth in the semifinal against familiar foes – Team India. Having outplayed them in the triangular series prior to the World Cup Down Under, the Kangaroos must be oozing with confidence but Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s boys seemed to have renovated their brand of cricket exclusively for the mega event. Here are the five things the Men in Blue should do to defeat the mighty Aussies […]

There was a small town where there were 20 citizens, some were merchants, cobbler, tailor, farmers .One day a new family headed by a tailor moved to town. Other tailors were not happy with his presence in town because he would fetch their work orders. But his presence also benefitted merchants by buying household stuff from them, and also the farmer by buying vegetable from the farmer. This lead to growth of demand of different items in the town. But if the tailor was not […]

Most of Mumbai’s inhabitants rely on public transport to and from their workplace due to the lack of parking spaces, traffic bottlenecks, and generally poor road conditions, especially in the monsoon. Taxis are cheap and plentiful. Most taxis in Mumbai are small-medium sized cars (non air-conditioned), painted black-and-yellow (black on lower body and yellow on roof). You can hail a cab off the streets. However, many are quite rickety, dirty, and carry mechanical fare meters that could be tampered at times. Increasingly, the outdated Premier […]

Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland. The below infographic titled “33 And A Third Facts About St. Patrick’s Day” contains 33 (and a third!) facts about Saint Patrick’s Day, from Patrick’s own childhood on the western coast of Britain, to how both sides of the Atlantic have developed traditions to celebrate the national Irish holiday. The […]

Are you a Beer Buff? For a change, try out a Craft Beer and Pizza Tasting Night with your friends! Craft Beer can be good drinks if you want a more laid back kind of hang out. Pair up this well-loved, full flavored brew with sumptuous pizza selections and you’re in for a fun night. Check out what Pizza Capers came up with in the infographic called 9 Craft Beers to Drink with Gourmet Pizza. Now it may be tempting to gobble up all the slices at once […]

Furniture tipping doesn’t come across the minds of most parents. Thousands of children are injured every year as a result of a tumbling piece of furniture. Check out this infographic named “The Stats about Furniture Tipping”, which gives insights about the tipping furniture and its safety. Every hour, a child is hospitalized because of television tipping over. Injuries include traumatic as well as abdominal injuries. Furniture Tipping is caused because of the improper stand used for the television set while shifting. Sessions regarding the prevention […]

Goa Reminiscence

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. Recalling the most memorable days of my life has to be the trip to Goa with my buddies. It was a 3 days mind blowing outing which filled me with enormous energy and positivity. That trip rejuvenated the passion of travelling in me which was lost in the midst of survival for daily bread. The trip was decided in the month of February […]

Do you know there are about a million ways your dog can make you healthier? From lowering your blood pressure to boosting your dating life, dogs are responsible for healthy living. There’s a bunch of awesome science below wrapped everything up into infographic called “22 Ways Dogs Make Humans Healthier”.​ The infographic depicts astounding facts about dogs like they could be the reason for enhancing your mood and responsible for fighting depression. They even keep you active and also are therapy professionals. Dogs are said […]

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