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Samsung has come up with a unique idea that not only fulfills an essential purpose but also makes it enjoyable. Its latest activ dualwash is an addition to its already existing products in the appliances sector. The new product conveys that “washing doesn’t need to be a chore”. From the commercial we can see that washing hasn’t been deemed as a chore, but as an enjoyable activity that is being performed by people of all ages. The product too aims to deliver the same effect. […]

Internal or intrinsic contradictions do not last. Where they do last can be done only through brainwashing or “re-education training”, the threat of force, the use of force or other means to compel the use of that internal or intrinsic contradiction. Unfortunately for the fast food industry, it does not (or, at least, not yet) have that enforcement capability. One internal contradiction (and one not mentioned in the “Is the Era of Fast Food Ending?” infographic) is that of the term itself: “fast food”. In […]

When you are happy with your furniture, then all is well and good. The furniture complements the rest of the home and enhances its attractiveness. However, when you are unhappy with the furniture, especially with the couch or sofa, then things are not so good. The couch can be an eyesore and make your home look ugly, old, used and not well-maintained. The couch can be a magnet for dirt and grime. In the rainy season, it attracts water from the wet clothes from those […]

Mumbai is one of the most popular destinations in India for entertainment and travel. Being the entertainment hub of India, you can see lot of themed hotels in central Mumbai. Not only popular for the ambience, popular food, music, and cool crowd, they are also places where you can conduct business meets, conferences, etc. If you are in Mumbai for a short stay, you can find a lot of hotels at affordable rates as well. If you are a regular in Mumbai for your business […]

Eating is good. Drinking is good. Restaurants are good. Bars are good. And Mumbai is wonderful and exciting. Frank Sinatra was famous for singing a song about New York and that it is a city that never sleeps, that it is a 24/7 city. The same can and has been said about Mumbai. It is best when you combine everything and go to a bar and restaurant in Mumbai, also known Pubs in Mumbai, lounge bars in Mumbai or Mumbai bars. There are some cities […]

Being such a complex subject, lots of potential poker players believe that online gambling is illegal in the United States. Until recently, this was true. But since 2014 states such as New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have regulated online poker, allowing players to access legal platforms from within state lines. American players are still getting used to the newly regulated sphere of gaming, which is why specialized websites are offering advice, news and tips regarding the gambling world. According to the Center for Gaming Research, […]

They could be gambling. Everyone knows that games are a great part of the lives of children and teens, in general, play time and different games are positive because they help improve many mental and physical aspects that will develop their brains and crucial skills for life challenges. Outside activities is beneficial to children, as video-games can be, since there is usually a lot of work involved, such as solving riddles and problems in short periods of time, overcoming challenges to level up, building and […]

Malaysia is in forefront of e-commerce business in South East Asia. Report suggests that Malaysia has 140% mobile penetration which is higher than the US. On an average, Malaysians use 1.2 devices to get connected. There are many more interesting facts in the Infographic which can help e-commerce companies to device their strategy. The report is aggregated by which is one of the fast growing coupons and deals sites in Malaysia. Some of the most popular online shopping sites include LAZADA , Zalora, Luxola […]

A Degree in Biology

A degree in biology is superiorly versatile, allowing you to pursue a various career paths depending on your interests. Let it be doctor, bachelor’s in pre-med, a molecular biologist. Explore a future as a wildlife biologist to care for exotic animals and design reserves and parks. A veterinarian, to take care of domestic animals. Do you feel strongly about the environment? Look into being an environmental biologist. Or maybe it’s your dream to teach. The below info graphic titled “What can I do with a degree in […]

Facebook Inc. announced this week that its user base has grown to 1.39 billion active monthly users, defined as people who use the social network at least once a month. It is said that one out of every five people on Earth has active Facebook account. More than one-half of those users log in to the site every day, as Facebook said it currently has 890 million daily users. Among those daily users, 745 million, or 83.7 percent, check the site every day via their mobile devices. […]

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