Le Panga with Volini in hand


Press Release: Volini, a No. 1 recommended and used pain reliever, has announced its association with one of the top three Pro Kabaddi League teams Patna Pirates in Season 2. This marks the second association of this modern day pain reliever after partnering with Marathon sponsors.The partnership will do a world of good to the Kabaddi players, because Kabaddi is a strength game and injuries are part and parcel of such games.

Volini is a scientifically formulated ointment for effective pain relief. It is basically available in two forms Volini spray and ointment. Both of them having equal effect and excellent pain reliever. Physiotherapist all over India recommend Volini for pain related disease like sprain.

Kabaddi is an extravaganza of a sport where sheer strength is used by the players to rule the opponents out of the game. Injuries tend to occur while strength is used. Also these injuries should be treated well so that it can heal earlier. A pull of a muscle or a tear could also get worsen if not taken proper care.

Pro-Kabaddi league which is an excellent initiative to get this ultimate sport viewers from different part of the country. After a fantastic first season, this season will be full of excitement. This partnership of Volini with the Pro-Kabaddi team, will ensure an excellent pain relief management of the players.

The event was held at ITC Parel, Mumbai where Volini Vice President and Health Global Consumer Healthcare of Sun Pharma, Subodh Marwah,

announced the association with the Patna Pirates. Also to the surprise of the Patna Pirates, Volini has nominated Shyamlal Vallabhjee, India’s most renowned sports scientist to be with the team of Patna Pirates. It will be an redefining moment for all the players to get support from Vallabhjee.

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Back Problems At The Office

Today’s sedentary lifestyle of the people has given rise to many physical problems including obesity, anxiety and back problems. Among them, back problems are the most pronounced because with consistent pain, neither can you sit nor work properly. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible. This infographic called “Back problems at office” tells us about the various back and spinal cord issues we could be prone to at our offices. But then, you are not alone in this. As already said, this is one of the most common problems arising from a sedentary lifestyle with no exercises.

In fact, this issue of back problems is becoming a concern for almost all businesses around the world as well. Nearly 50 million working days are lost every year owing to this back problem. Even if you are to show up at your office with your back problems, chances are that your productivity will not be 100% and may do more damage than it has already.

The infographic beautifully describes the steps needed to solve this problem; and one of the things that businesses could do, is adopt ergonomical chairs. These chairs are made in such a way that they provide comfort to all the vital areas of your body so that you can work comfortably without any hazard to your body parts. So your focus can be fully on the job at hand than worrying about your back or hands.

Likes: A well researched infographic that covers a vital characteristic that every office employee should be careful about. Good layout design as well.

Dislikes: Nothing much.

Back Problems Office

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Non-Renewable Energy – How Short-termism is Killing our Planet

This infographic outlines how a dependence on fossil fuels is putting the long term future of our planet in jeopardy. It overviews the problems and impacts associated in the production and distribution of non-renewable energy sources and highlights how the alternative of renewable energies can meet our requirements.

Renewable energy sources are proven to be an efficient means of meeting global demands, yet short term goals of producing energy fast and at the lowest price are still taking priority with fossil fuels currently driving around 90% of global energy production levels.

Often overlooked by Governments and energy decision makers is that Earth has an abundance of a different kind of energy, the natural kind – energy which won’t run out, pollute or destroy habitats. In the UK alone we have over 11,000 miles of coastline from which to harness the sea, some 40 per cent of Europe’s Wind energy and, though it might not seem like it, we even have the sun.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how short-termism is killing our planet. [via]

Non-Renewable Energy

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Fasting Guide During Traveling Worldwide

It’s tricky when traveling during Ramadan, the month when the Muslims fast during the day. Tricky because each country has different daylight times, which can affect your itinerary whether you’re traveling in a Muslim country or you’re a Muslim yourself. However, fasting month shouldn’t be an obstacle for traveling.

Hence, if you’re fasting but plan to travel, here are some information that can help you prepare for your journey. Be aware about the he amount of daylight hours at your potential destination, since it will affect your behavior whether you’re trekking, visiting a tourist attraction or if you’re on business.

I’ve listed a sample of countries with the shortest to the longest daylight. There are some handy tips to help survive long hours and keep you healthy during this less-consuming month. It also shows some of the local cuisines at each country, inspiring a menu for you’re iftar of break fast session. [via]

Fasting Guide During Traveling Worldwide


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Master Welder as a Career

Welding is a growing field that many have a strong desire to enter. There are many different types of welding work that a trained welder can do. The versatility of the profession and the strong job outlook for the field make it an excellent career choice. There is a good deal of training required, however. While it may look easy to melt two pieces of metal together, doing it consistently and well is very difficult.
Thankfully, there are many excellent schools that teach the trade to those interested in learning it. Many of these are trade schools, but a growing number of colleges offer courses of study leading to welding certifications. [via]
Master Welder as a Career



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Android Lollipop vs iOS 8: A Detailed Features Evaluation

The two tech giants Google and Apple are regularly updating their mobile OS versions Android and iOS respectively. Both companies include various unique features in their mobile platforms whenever they launch a new version. Because of several features sometimes users get confused and not able to decide a suitable mobile OS. He is not able to compare between both platforms as they both deliver excellent features with high performance. If you are also one of those users, then you have reached to a right place.

To clear up this doubtful situation Nine Hertz has developed an infographic that shows the awesome journey of Android and iOS from starting with all features in detail. I am sure this information would definitely help you to choose the right mobile operating system when you buy your next smartphone.

Android Lollipop vs iOS 8


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Iconic TV Living Rooms

Inspiration comes from all manner of places, from design magazines and blogs, to Pinterest and Instagram. But for those not involved in the world of design, inspiration is usually sparked from the media, in particular our favourite TV shows. 80s wood panelling, 90s purple walls and even 00’s periodic table shower curtains – they have all sparked a design trend and impacted the way we design our homes. So take a look at these iconic TV living rooms and see if you can spot the unique impact they’ve had on your home. [via]


Iconic TV Living Rooms

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How to reduce your restaurant’s energy costs

Your restaurant or store could be completely empty, closed for the day, and still running up your electricity bill. While many business owners think of utilities as a fixed cost, there are many changes that can be made to reduce energy use and lower your bills. Think of all the appliances drawing unnecessary power—the AC running all night, the refrigerator with the door that doesn’t close anymore, the dining lights turned on when the first employee arrives. All this energy use adds up over time, not only increasing your bills but emitting greenhouse gases as well.

How can identify these energy wasters to improve your company’s energy efficiency? Check out the following infographic from Powerhouse Dynamics for a look at some common energy hogs and tips on creating a more profitable, greener business.

Reduce Restaurant Energy Bill

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